Steady Grace


She is in prison, her soul is in lockdown, He holds the keys. He is breaking strongholds because of His faithfulness. All these will be part of the story, as she is running home to that place of peace.

There is no vision of the future as it is agonizing to imagine it. The future looks glommy, sad, empty, painful. The present is stormy, depressive, unloved, unappreciated.

 She hears His small voice calling to continue to imagine better days, to dream of a life full of appreciation, love, and happiness, peace. The process of recovery, power, and brightness is something she calls disturbing. There is pain that she must grow and learn from to become stronger.

Steadiness is something unbearable. No one listens; no one cares. There are silence and discouragement, but there is that small voice again that tells her, “tomorrow, you will see better days.” “Do not fear forI am with you in this moment of growth and development. “

“These moments of fear are signs of a brighter future, but there is no race to run; it is a time for stillness.” She is running the race called hope in her heart. Stillness is closeness and trust that He is in control. 

The light illuminates her weary soul, she lets that light shine in her heart as the warmth of His love comforts her this moment; this instance, these seconds. 

 She is close to home now.

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